Derby A Cappella Chorus - Tuesday night 7.15 - 10pm


Experienced singer? - enjoy the thrill of close harmony singing with us!

Never sung before? Can't read music? - No problem tuition provided.

If you like the sound of male barbershop - style singing... WHY NOT GIVE IT A TRY?

Contact Gordon Tel: 01332 518594 or email: 

Derby A Cappella Chorus is a group of men who enjoy singing 4 part harmony in the barbershop style. We are a friendly bunch from all walks of life who like to sing for fun, to improve our singing ability and to entertain. We are a member of the British Association of Barbershop Singers, and if you would like to sing with us, please come along to an evening rehearsal where you will receive a warm welcome.

No experience is necessary. Why not give it a try?

Zumba - Monday night 8 - 9pm

ZUMBA® is a fantastic way to keep fit as every class is designed to feel like a party and not a work out, with a strong emphasis on having fun. It uses simple dance movements and styles to Latin and international music (such as Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia and Reggaeton). ZUMBA® has been described as "exercise in disguise" as many people don't realise they are performing a cardio-based workout as they are simply enjoying themselves, yet it incorporates aerobic, interval and resistance training, which makes it ideal for calorie burning. It is also associated with muscle toning, increasing flexibility and stimulating the mind, which makes ZUMBA® an ideal class to correspond with any pre-existing fitness timetable/regime. The ZUMBA® Fitness Program is a fantastic way for participants to express themselves, gain confidence and enjoy getting fit as it does not require any prior dance training or to be of a certain fitness level, meaning that anyone can join in with the fun straight away.

Please book your place in advance by contacting Julie on: 

07840447024 or 

Yoga -  Wednesday morning 10.00 to 11.30am

Yoga brings a change into all our lives.  It teaches us that obstacles in our path indicate themselves in physical and mental disposition.  When our physical state is not perfect it causes an imbalance in our mental state.  Yoga postures can go a long way to cure physical ailments and stress and redress unsteadiness in the body.  Uneven respiration, an indication of stress is alleviated by the practice of Yoga.  Postures tone the whole body.  They strengthen bones and muscles, correct posture, improve breathing and increase energy.  This physical well-being has a strengthening and calming impact on the mind.  Practicing Yoga postures cleanse the body just as the goldsmith heats gold in fire  to burn out all the impurities.  Yoga postures, by increasing the circulation of fresh blood through the body, purge the diseases and toxins which are the consequences of an irregular lifestyle, unhealthy habits and poor posture.  Regular practice of the stretches, bends and inversions - the basic  movements of yoga postures restore strength and stamina to the body. Postures combined with breath control rectify physical, physiological and psycological disorders. While osteoarthiritis, high and low blood pressure, diabetes, asthma and anorexia benefit from the practice of he postures. The alleviation of pain is one of the reasons for the journey of most people  into Yoga.  Postures  work on specific parts of the body to soothe and relax the the mind as well.  Practicing Yoga has the impact of relaxing the body and calming the mind, as well as bringing complete awareness of what your body needs.
Yoga and Relaxation Classes are very friendly and held every Wednesday morning 10.00 to 11.30 and consist of simple yoga excercises along with breathing exercises and relaxation which will suit all ages. Tea, coffee and biscuits are available  at the end of each session. Telephone Jean on 01332 572267 for further details. She is an experienced tutor with 17 years teaching at St Helens House, 12 years at Chester Green Community Centre, member of the Wheel of Yoga, British School of Yoga Associate and trained at the Yoga for Health Foundation at Ickwell Bury.

Comments from students:

.........." I will be looking for a class like yours Jean when I move down South".........Mrs. J from Derby

  .........." showing me how to breathe properly and relax has helped me to sleep better"........Mr.P from Duffield

 .........."I am 83 yrs old and I have been coming to your class for years and your exercises stop my joints from stiffening up.".........Mrs. A from Derby

 .........." Your voice is very relaxing and it helps me to relax"..........Mrs A.S. from Duffiel

......I'm really enjoying your yoga, I've never come across a class like this.......Mr.P from Derby


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